Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

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You’ve just gone sledding with your family. You’re tired from the countless number of times you’ve been down the hill and all of the snowball fights. Now you’re ready to put on some pajamas, turn on a movie, and settle into your recliner with a steaming cup of cocoa.
As soon as you open the door to your house, your dreams are shattered. Your furnace is blowing cold air! Don’t be alarmed quite yet. Before calling your technician, below are a few things you should try.

Inspect Your Thermostat

Sometimes, the source of the problem is hiding in plain sight. Be sure your thermostat is set to Auto. This causes the blowers to be triggered only when the air is being heated. If it’s set to On, this means the fan runs constantly, even when your furnace isn’t generating hot air. This causes your home to feel very cold.

Replace Your Air Filter

Your air filter progressively collects dust. Once it collects too much dust, it should be replaced, otherwise, it becomes clogged. Once the clog forms, your furnace may overheat due to restricted airflow. Overheating makes the furnace automatically shut off. Then your house becomes cold. Before calling our expert The Smith Service Company technicians, try cleaning or replacing your air filter.

Restart Your Furnace

Newer furnaces are often computerized. Because of this, they’re sometimes prone to error. Try turning off your furnace’s power, counting to 30, and turning it back on. If there’s a computer glitch, it should reset itself, and the furnace should turn back on.

Check Your Air Ducts

As ducts age, they can sometimes develop cracks or blockages. This prevents sufficient airflow and may cause your house to become cold. Check the ductwork for any airflow restrictives. Unfortunately, you may not be able to see far enough into your ducts to make a proper judgement. In this case, you should have a trained technician do it.

If your furnace is blowing cold air on a winter’s day in Baldwin City, KS, our heart goes out to you. Call us at 785-594-8800, and one of our highly trained Smith Service Company technicians will be out to solve it in a heartbeat.

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