Using the Earth to Heat Your Home––Geothermal HVAC

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heating system by geothermics

Tired of forking over money for your inefficient heating-and-cooling system every month? Interested in an environmentally friendly option? You can invest in a geothermal HVAC system, an increasingly accessible option for the contemporary American home.

Natural Comfort

Geothermal heating units harness the sun’s energy from the ground. This is done by cycling fluid through piping. Fluid picks up the heat from the ground temperature, and it’s transferred back into your home. This fluid is recycled, so it doesn’t draw from your water supply.

Massive Savings

The unit doesn’t burn any natural gas and uses minimal electricity when compared to other HVAC units. This is what makes it such a low-impact, high-efficiency option. You can save up to 70 percent on your energy bills each month when you make the switch from a traditional heating-and-cooling option. You can also potentially make back the cost of installation (in savings) within five years.

Smart Technology

Geothermal HVAC has a three-component system. It uses a ground heat exchanger, heat pump, and ventilation to heat and cool your home. The heat exchanger extracts the warmth from the liquid and transfers it to the heat pump. The heat pump disperses the Earth’s natural heat into the ductwork. The heat pump can also convert it into cool air, as needed.

Low Maintenance

Traditional HVAC units can be a lot of work to maintain. Geothermal units don’t require as much maintenance. They’re also much quieter than other air ventilation units. They are the most efficient, environmentally friendly HVAC you can buy and the best in home safety.

Easier to Install Than You Think

If you have a heating-and-cooling system already, we can work with it! All we need to do is remove your old furnace or air conditioner to accommodate the heat pump, the rest can stay. We’ll connect to your existing ducts.

Cheaper to Install Than You Think

Despite the intimidating price tag, the federal government offers large tax exemptions to Americans who make the switch to sustainable technology. Check for more information on the exemptions you may qualify for at the federal, state, and even local level.

Join millions of people around the world who made the switch! We at Smith Service Company are proud to bring sustainable options to you in Baldwin City, KS. We’re excited about this incredible technology, and you should be too! Call Smith Service Company at 785-594-8800 to learn more about our geothermal HVAC units.

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